Monday, January 17, 2011

Screw Beiber Feaver, I got Drew Flu

Sorry to tell you this, he is not the only person to have a dream like Justin's. Shaun Kingston.. Grayson Chance and tons of other people. I really don't understand how people think he is so special.. He is a pop singer, chosen for his age and the amount of songs about the same exact subject he can pump out before 18 is a great number.. He is a one-hit wonder.. that is what he is meant to be. Artist with emotion and reasons for sound are more epic then lil' Beiber ever will.. So if you like a more pop sound, then My Chemical Romance isn't for you.. I love them and Green day and bands like that.. For a pop band with heart and a soul Try these great pop singer i bet you’ve never heard off.
Hailing from Canada this young and bright women is a mine field of talent. I love her. From songs like Ice, about fighting a daemon, who may have been your best friend or even yourself.. Too second go, about messing about and asking for a second chance.
For a concert I would wear a cool grunge look, Just like Lights. I would pair a white tank top and some deep blue skinnies with combat boots too this type of show with a cocoon vest. She sport a all white version of this look in Ice.
Hey Monday
Cassadee Pope, I not only have Voice envy but hair envy. This punk-pop band has some serious edge. I think Paramore with a slight chill factor. Other then the genre though and the fact the girls are fronts of all men bands. There is little that I can say to bridge there huge gap. Cassadee songs are prideful cheers, of I am better off without you, and how dare you try to tear me down.
This concert look is fun and bold. Pair a hey Monday band tee with some pale grey skinnies and some kicks. Add a vest and some crazy bangles.
Friday night boys
This band recently broke up, but not before making this soundtrack hit for the movie, When in Rome. It is an awesome song about falling in love and being turned down. I love them.
Till next time