Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ughh.. Boys..boys..boys

Mikey Way, from My Chemical Romance

Love always your fashion geek
Why is it that men in the 21st are UGLY.. The 80's gave us him and his brother(Gerard Way) and Frank Iero.. If you don't this is a My chemical Romance fan girl moment but really, Why are all guys so metro anymore.. I mean i don't hate people like that, I mean more power to yah.. But where have the nerdy rocker kids go to.. Ughh, Mikey.. Why do you have to 30.. I am saying this on a fashion blog.. Why well this little rant was the perfect lead up too... ROCKER chic. yep, rocker,, what is it, how to take and make it your own. easy. let me help yah out..So for tops. Urban Outfitter, American Appeal and Wildfox Couture, will sell all the losses, off the shoulder tops and tanks you will ever need. Ever. So black is a important, BUT add some red, purple and go on rave days where you wear neon and white.. it helps to break the monotony and is super fun. Dresses wear um' with boots and go bold. and pants.. I mean were not all Ke$ha so we gotta wear umm. Skinny jeans, tear optional.. Although they do help.. I like Hot topics and Pac suns.. But American eagle and Hollister are ok. I mean yah.. Jeggings, and skirt are cool too. But We live in our Skinny jeans..Shoes.. We do wear them.. Weren’t hipster.. Hahahah/ but ok, Toms they rock, and they are new and funky fresh.. then we have vans, converse.. Boots, flat with studs, miny belts or Fringe. Umm toms has wraps up boots. Umm.. Dr. Martins and combat boots in general.. Umm, what else, Ughh Flip flops. Ok for Make up.. Go dark and deadly.. Hahahah no not really but have fun with it. So here is an example.. Hair, do what ever you want. Dye it, streak it.. Love it..  How to mke it all your own. Add some cocktails rings, bangles or belts.. Have fun.. comment me a question.. See yah