Friday, January 14, 2011

Me and Music

So you all know about my, My Chemical romance with My Chemical Romance.. But I also listen to other music. I am not going to lie and tell you I love Justin Beiber, becasue i don't.. but here are some of the bands you've probably ever heard off.
well Bands
Mayday Parade.
Frounted by Derek Sanders, this band sings about a wide range of stuff. Derek has a honest voice. He looks slightly like Shane Dawson.. If you don't know who Shane is look him up on youtube too.. I love this band.
Pencey Prep.
Frounted by Frank Iero, the current guitar hero of My Chemical Romance sings. Well Screams.. He is awesome.. He has a awesome amount of lung compactiy. He litteraly screams the whole time.. I love it though.
(no longer a band)
Co-Frounted by Frank Iero agian.. This band is a huge scream fest again.. This time the band has some issues as in play this song and be put in jail. The song in question by the government.. "I want to kill the president of the untied states of america" it is a good song though and does actully say i wanna kill the president in it anywhere at all.
(no longer a band)